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What is a "Day of Coordinator"?

The answer to this question is a simple one.   A day of coordinator is someone who works directly for you and not the venue.   Today, more and more couples prefer to do their special day themselves.  That is why we offer this service.  A coordinator is perfect for the DIY couple who loves to get crafty with ideas from bridal magazines, YouTube videos, and Pinterest.

However, the day of an event can be a stressful one.  The main role of the coordinator is to ensure that your plans are carried out and to discreetly handle any problems that may arise.  This means you will arrive to everything you pictured from the ceremony to the reception since the coordinator will have already been there to set up.

Coordinators also serve as a point of contact or a liaison for all vendors and bridal party.  A coordiantor is the last piece to pull everything together.

A day of coordinator is your...

Point of Contact

The person all vendors or party call with questions so you can relax.

Set up/Tear Down

Walk into a completely set up ceremony and reception.

Problem Solver

The one who discreetly solves any issues that may arise leaving you stress free!

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Day of Coordination

Planning an event takes time.  Executing those plans takes effort.  You put in the time, Exclusive Events puts in that effort so you don't have to.  Day of coordinating can make the day perfect without the stress.  We want you to take the day to relax, enjoy yourself, and let the professionals take care of everything.  Keep it a stress free day without worries of who is going to put the menus on the tables, call catering when they are late, who is going to cue the band, and how to make a new centerpiece because one broke.  It is your job to have a wonderful day!  Let us stress.  Still not convinced?  Check out this article about hiring a day of coordinator from the Wedding Wire.

Pricing for Day of Coodination

Day of coordination packages begin at $1,200.


Ask about our popular "Auto Pilot" option.


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